The mission of the campaign is to prevent the declining child sex ratio in Tamil Nadu and to protect and promote the reproductive rights of women and rights of the girl children through education, research, documentation, networking, interfacing, advocacy and lobbying and facilitating grass-root initiatives.  

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Genesis of the Campaign

In India, the patriarchal, social, cultural, economical and religious system based on the foundation that the family line runs through a male has contributed to the secondary status of women and bias against the girl child. The degree of bias may vary but it definitely exists at various levels at different stages in a woman’s life affecting the fundamental rights of the girl child to be born, their survival, development, protection and participation.



This campaign against sex determination and sex selective abortion is not part of the campaign against abortion. The right to abortion must remain as an essential right of women, a right to determine their life, their body and fertility. We consider sex determination tests and sex selection technologies as a basic human rights violation and a violation of the rights enshrined in the Constitution and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

To activate the state machinery to strictly enforce the provisions of the PCPNDT Act and MTP Act in Tamil Nadu.
To initiate dialogue with different interest groups, educating them and enabling them to address the issue in their respective area of work.
  Key Activities:  
Periodically collects data on vital statistics from PHCs and reviews the trend  
Organised several educational programmes with the different constituencies like teachers, VHNs, Doctors, Medical Students, Panchayat Presidents, Adolescent Girls and NGOs etc.